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An Elias Storybook

Simply put, an Elias Storybook is a collection of images from one of our portrait sessions, mounted into a custom leather album.

The Storybook is a story in pictures, which depicts an impression of an individual or family while they are just being themselves. If you look through the images in our portrait section, you can see a story about these people, and you have a window into their lives. For them, it is a tangible piece of history, an outward expression of their memories.

While a studio portrait may depict a person's appearance, a Storybook also shows emotion, interaction, setting and history. It is a visual representation of a shared memory that can be preserved and passed on to others.

The book itself is a handmade, leather bound volume. The images you choose are retouched then finished with protective lacquer. Each is mounted by hand into your Storybook, which is personalized with imprinting on the leather of your choice.

These Storybooks are meant to be shared for generations and are likely to become treasured heirlooms for years to come.

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